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PPC: Expert PPC Campaign to make your Business Sky Rocket

We know the art of creating successful PPC campaign

More than ¾ of PPC ads gross nothing but loose, you deserve better. We know what it takes to create a successful PPC campaign to make your business skyrocket. We believe in changing the status of your business, one-click at a time. At EcommerceDA, our main concern is to point your resources in the right direction. A direction to multiply your hard-earned money.

Driving traffic is not the purpose, for us, the right traffic that increases your conversion is the main concern. Our client’s majority clicks result in desirable conversions resulting in a satisfied customer for them and for us. We are not a stranger to the fact that PPC is an ongoing process so we keep on testing the campaign for better results with our best in class keywords and top quality content for high growth.

Leverage our years of experience to make your business one-click closer to success. Give us a holler, we are also a few clicks away…

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    What is PPC?

    PPC stands for pay per click. It’s a very famous form of internet marketing to increase traffic to your respective website. There are basically two ways of getting traffic to your website one is to earn that traffic in the organic form and the second one is direct traffic to your website through paid PPC campaign. With PPC the chances of you getting the appropriate traffic that results in conversion are way higher than organic traffic. It requires constant keyword optimization and testing to make sure that you are on the right track. If done professionally and correctly like us, PPC can do wonders for your

    Google Adwords PPC Campaign Management Services

    Google is the world’s most popular and most used search engine with 2.3 million searches being performed on Google every second. Every website in the world is in a race to get on the top results in Google. Google offers Google Adwords, an advertisement forum for vendors to promote their business on the internet by displaying their website links on Google partner’s website. Vendors can display their images, blogs, and videos in their feeds. It is different than other forms of advertisement where demographics and behaviors are taken into consideration when targeting the market. Google Adwords is powered by keywords and quality scores.

    Facebook Ads PPC Campaign Management Services

    Who doesn’t know Facebook, with over 1 Billion active users across the globe, it is the most famous and recognized social media channel of all time. Facebook has come so far from a socializing medium to the most popular digital marketing platform. Facebook Ads is similar to Google Adwords in the purpose that is to advertise your business across the internet, but Facebook Adwords focus on demographics and social behavior to target the audience for your ads. Bring your business to the world with a friendly and casual tone to meet them on their grounds through Facebook Adwords.

    Bing Ads PPC Campaign Management Services

    Microsoft is the leading brand in the computer software industry. In order to stay on top of every aspect, they introduced Bing to challenge the rule of Google over the search engine. Bing PPC campaign comes with the advantage of being the new search engine providing small-to-medium businesses the opportunity to stand out from the flock while poking a hole in the pocket. Bing ads auction system works similar to Google Adwords but at a more cost-efficient and flexible level. It comes with new targeting features like age and gender for more specific customers.

    PPC Campaign Includes

    Detailed keyword research

    Effective and ongoing keyword research is the backbone of every PPC campaign. At EcommerceDA, we are laser-focused to provide continuously growing and refined keywords list. Our services include long-tailed, relevant, and constantly expanding keywords for ongoing PPC campaigns. Consider us for high-volume and niche-specific keywords.

    Landing page optimization

    Landing page optimization is the crucial stage to prepare your landing page for upcoming visitor. Our landing page optimizations ensure maximum user engagement with strong and relevant taglines, user-friendly design, clear CTA, and convincing content to increase leads and quality score.

    Competitor audit

    In PPC knowing your competition, their weaknesses and strengths, and your own SWOT analysis, is very critical to stand out from the competition. We make sure you know where you and your competitors stand in the PPC campaign battle and how we will help you win.

    Retargeting campaigns

    We help you stay ahead of the bounce rate with our state of the art retargeting campaigns to help you display your message to more appropriate audience and visitors that went without a conversion to lure them into making a conversion of your choice. Your chances of gaining more conversions hit the roof with retargeting campaign.

    A/B testing

    We know that predicting the accurate behaviour of customers is practically impossible, that is why at EcommerceDA, we provide constant testing to improve your PPC campaign productivity. Increase your conversions with more effective ads on optimized pages with our adept PPC split testing.

    Effective ad creation

    We know the art of creating an effective PPC ad campaign from optimized and well-researched keywords to competitor audit to constant testing and retargeting. Our aim is to devise an efficient PPC ad with an appropriate message around a well-directed and targeted keywords to increase your click rate and ROI.







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    Real Customer Testimonials

    Fantastic Work! By an awesome team. Helped me from redesigning my Shopify store to marketing. I am loving everything they did. It is awesome experience working with them.

    I needed a website for my apparel business. They handled every thing very well. EcommerceDA has a team of real gems. It was an awesome experience working with them.

    EcommerceDA helped me to increase my store sales. These guys are professionals. Within a short span of time majority of the keywords got ranked on first page. Great work guys!

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    Just contact us and our tech support team would provide you the knowledge about our services in details and also discuss important requirements of your ecommerce website for improvement in your business. We provide all services related to ecommerce to make your dream come true.