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SEO for Ecommerce: We Understand the Algorithms


We are a team of professional ecommerce SEO experts with years of experience working with the ambition to boost your ecommerce sales. We offer expert ecommerce SEO services to up your Google ranking and increase your online visibility to uplift your ecommerce conversions. We are specialists in increasing the organic traffic with our constructive SEO expertise and unique content. At EcommerceDA we take a holistic approach to make sure that your website is on the first page.
We offer professional ecommerce SEO specialists for consultation to help you devise a productive strategy to increase your conversions. We are second to none in providing research-based onsite optimization along with quality off-site link building to ensure high authority of your website. We laser target organic traffic with our targeted keywords and creative content to reach maximum audience. To top this off our mission is to keep our valuable clients updated with our regular performance report and provide customized changes. For us customer comes first!
At EcommerceDA we don’t make promises we can’t keep. So,don’t try to do this alone, let the professionals help you. You Ecommerce seo expet is only a few clicks away.

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    White-Hat Strategy Fueled eCommerce SEO Company For Top Ranking

    The success of SEO for Ecommerce relies heavily on how your SEO works and what practices they use. There are commonly three SEO practices that are done all over the world. These are; White Hat Practices, Black Hat Practices and Gray Hat Practices

    Simply put, white hat SEO practices are legal and approved by Google. Using these strategies and practices results in better Google rankings, better search results, and improved business. Black hat practices, on the other hand, are SEO practices that are banned by Google. These practices work for some time and will create the illusion of great results until Google crawls your website and result in Google booting your website down to the last pages in its search results. search engines hate black hat practices and the best eCommerce SEO services providers always advise against it.

    Gray hat practices and strategies are a blissful middle ground between White and Black hat practices. It’s a blurred line that keeps you hidden from the search engine but it can sometimes hide you from your potential new clients as well.

    It is always best for you to play safe and aim for long-term results, which you can only achieve with white hat practices. A good eCommerce SEO agency will always direct to white hat practices and strategies as they are proven to bring you better results, keep your website in the top searches and allow you to grow your business as much as you desire. Here are some white hat SEO practices and strategies we adopt for our clients based on what their business requires. However, our repertoire is not limited to these strategies.

    Content is King – Use it Wisely

    The best practice up any eCommerce SEO expert’s sleeve is using content dynamically. They would create unique and original content, make sure it is high quality, and relevant to your market and then publish it. The content will be engaging and best of all, it will contain your main keywords to drive more traffic to your website.

    Plan Keywords

    The majority of your SEO work relies on the groundwork a.k.a. keywords. It is essential that your eCommerce SEO team does proper keyword research, a survey of the market, and a closer look at your completion. Using the right tools always works, but it is how you use those keywords that make the difference. Keyword placement is just as important as using the right keywords. Your team will get you both short and long-tail keywords to be more specific and direct.

    Focus on User Experience

    UX or User Experience can make or break your website, which is why we put a lot of effort into making your website the best it can be. Your website will have only a couple of seconds to grab the attention of your targeted audience and if it fails, that is business lost. Our team of eCommerce SEO experts will start with fixing your website loading speed, optimizing the content, make it easy to navigate and use.

    eCommerce SEO Company:
    Formulating A Strategy for Exponential Growth

    An eCommerce brand cannot survive on guesswork. They need an expert eCommerce SEO Agency to formulate the perfect SEO strategy for their brand that boosts sales and positively impacts their business growth. A good strategy will capture leads, encourage growth potential and direct more useful traffic to your business.

    Our SEO strategies for eCommerce business have been refined and reworked for the special needs of our clients since (add the year). Instead of just following the routine SEO practices we also focus on the individual needs of our clients. Our strategizing process includes but is not limited to:

    • Create opportunities for eCommerce businesses to have easier access to the target audience.
    • Create SEO-friendly and relevant content that appeals to their target audience.
    • Dig out the best SEO keywords that are perfect for your unique business model.
    • Optimize your website with a user-focus approach.
    • Optimize your website for mobile and tablet (for both iOS and Android).
    • Enhance page loading speed, fix and identify errors, and set up a Schema Markup.

    Our eCommerce SEO Experts will continuously keep track of data points, website changes, and all keyword movements of the website to ensure our strategy is working in your favor.

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    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the number of visitors of the website or a webpage by increasing the visibility of the website on a search engine like Google. It focuses on the growth of the organic traffic to the website with content and link building.
    The internet has brought a huge deal of improvement in the life of humans from academic information to ecommerce. That is why there is pelothera of websites on the internet and these numbers are increasing with every passing hour. It is getting difficult to be seen in this crowd of websites. This is where SEO comes into play, it increases the visibility of your website and ultimately boost conversions and sales.
    EcommerceDA was built with one aim in mind to provide state of the art ecommerce SEO services to customers with high regard towards world class customer services. For us the customer comes before everything else. When you choose EcommerceDA for your ecommerce SEO optimization solutions, offer…

    Technical Audit

    SEO is all about ranking your website higher on the search engine, all other aspects are just assisting the main aim. Top search engines like Google have changed their algorithms and rules to eradicate the old negative SEO techniques like keyword stuffing. SEO is changing rapidly and the ranking factors of the search engines are changing as well. Our ecommerce seo company is well aware with these changes. Technical audit is the process of checking the aspects that are responsible for the ranking of a website. Search engines crawl web pages and website to check for legitimate content, and other aspects like speed, security, responsiveness, etc. If you are unable to keep up with these changes and requirements you will surely lose your traffic to your competitors.

    Ecommerce SEO Technical Audit Includes

    Competitor Audit

    At EcommerceDA we work at the rule “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” as far as the audit is concerned. That is why competitor audit is very important. Our ecommerce SEO experts perform thorough audit of the competitors to find out where your website lacks and where it excels at in the online game. This audit tells you the ways that what your competitors do to see more online

    On-page Audit

    On page audit is like a checkup of your website to find out it's health and robustness. During the on page audit of a website our team of professional SEO experts check the loading speed, security, metatags, keyword placements, broken links, and content of the website. In short they put a website under the microscope and look for improvements. It consider all the elements of website which affects the website visibility.

    Off-page Audit

    Off-page audit of the website is a detailed report of the backlinks coming to your website. Backlinks are very crucial for your website rankings. When a crawler crawls your website it checks these backlinks and backlinks from good websites help in ranking your website. Our off-page SEO audit checks the backlinks and compare them to the backlinks of your competitor’s website to outsmart them.

    ecommerce seo services

    Keyword Optimization

    SEO is powered by keywords and content that revolves around these keywords. Keywords are like the links in a chain, a chain is as strong as its weakest link. That is the reason a lot of effort is put into keyword optimization to create relevant content around that keyword to increase the paid and organic traffic of any website. Keyword optimization is a very crucial and initial step for an ecommerce seo company in an effective SEO strategy. These keywords are used in the headings and taglines of the website to drive pertinent audience. SEO is only successful if it drives relative traffic to the website otherwise it can backfire and increase bounce rate which is a nightmare any online business. Keyword optimization is threefold process.

    Ecommerce SEO Keyword Optimization Includes

    Keyword Research

    The internet is like a living entity, always changing and evolving as it gets its hands on new data. That is why we offer keyword research on an ongoing basis to keep generating new and engaging content for the respective audience to stay visible.

    Keyword Mapping

    Keyword mapping means to adjust certain keywords for certain webpages to raise their visibility on the search engine against the user that uses that keyword. That is why the team at EDA uses sales and conversion funnel and a thorough keyword research for appropriate keyword mapping or it will be like shooting in the dark.

    Keyword Targeting

    We are masters when it comes to keyword targeting. Keyword targeting is a part of our keyword research where we focus on appropriate keywords filtered out according to the niche or industry of the client and then assign them to the respective landing pages. It is like showing an ad or video against that keyword to the user.

    Content Optimization

    Content is the fuel that SEO runs on. Just like you can’t have high conversions without SEO, you can’t device an effective SEO strategy without creative content. Content optimization is very important to stay in the game. It ensures that you are producing relevant content according to appropriate keywords. Content optimization is not limited to text, it includes images, videos, and size of the content to make sure that it does not affect the speed of the landing page or the entire website. The main aim of productive content optimization is that your content reaches as much relevant audience as possible.

    Ecommerce SEO Content Optimization Includes

    Search Engine

    We are experts in helping you optimize your content for search engines. We are familiar with the algorithms and how they work and what metrics they check to rank a website. At EcommerceDA we focus on unique content around research based keywords that help you increase relevant traffic instead of blackhat SEO to avoid any possibility of penalizing your website.

    Social Media

    No one can deny the power of social media in the modern era. You can’t imagine to succeed in ecommerce without reaching out to customers on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We share your website content across social media to reach out to them on their grounds to create a healthy relationship with them in a friendly environment.

    User Engagement

    We work on a slogan that customer is the boss. So, we keep a closer look on customer engagement and we can help you improve it as it affects your SERP ranking . Conversion funnel is taken into consideration to develop a more engaging SEO strategy that targets the relevant audience with an appropriate solution for their problem. This enhance the traffic of website.

    On-page Optimization

    On-page SEO optimization is very critical for the successful running of any website. It is very important for the organic traffic that comes to the websites. We provide detailed on-page SEO that include the contains checking your website’s url, main tags, images and broken links that might affect your ranking. Our optimization make sure the content on your website is linked back to your category and subcategory pages. In a jist we make sure your website is SEO optimized and generates high traffic constantly.

    Off-page Optimization

    The majority of people restrict off-page SEO to backlinks but in reality it is a very vast field. Although link building is one of the biggest factors a search engine takes into consideration when ranking a website but it goes beyond that. Off-page optimization means all the efforts you put in outside your website to rank your website higher in a search engine. Backlinks are pointers pointing search engines towards your website.  We believe that all links are not built equal, that is why we focus on links from websites with high authority to increase the rank of your website among search engines.

    Optimize Your Online Store with The Help of eCommerce SEO Experts

    Optimizing your online store is one step closer to success but getting the help of eCommerce SEO Experts guarantees that success. If done right, you can enhance your store’s visibility and increase your revenue at the same time. With more and more people turning to online shopping with the changing times, it is now necessary for businesses to have an online profile if they want to keep up and survive.
    Here are some optimization tricks we use to get your online store up to speed with your competition.

    • Set up your Google Business Profile to authorize your business in a way. With this profile set up, your clients can see that you are a legitimate business with an address, website, phone number, and more.
    • Set up a Schema Markup on the website to ensure Google understands the information provided on your website.
    • Set up a chain of content coming from relevant blogs and platforms to drive more user traffic to your website to generate more revenue. A click back from the right place can do wonders.
    • Set up an on-page SEO strategy and load up your blog with content that appeals to your targeted audience the most.

    Of course, our optimization strategizes are not limited to the above-mentioned.

    Optimize Your Online Store with The Help of eCommerce SEO Experts

    Proven Method Followed by Our eCommerce SEO Company


    eCommerce SEO is not every SEO expert’s cup of tea. With how quickly the world of eCommerce is changing, a need for specialized experts was needed and that gave birth to a special brand of SEO that focused on planning, strategizing, and executing SEO practices that are best for an eCommerce business.
    Planning is the first step and that needs to be on point and catered to a business’s individual needs, and thinking regarding activities and their completion plus how to improve their competenacy.


    Once a plan is made, it is time to implement it. While it is a common belief any SEO personnel can follow a plan and task, Having a team of experienced professionals implement it is always a better option to working with and seeking.
    An eCommerce SEO expert can always do a better job of implementing the right plan and strategy at the right time or demanded time to receive maximum impact for your business.
    So precise implementation is necessary for upsizing your business and its worth formally and informally.


    eCommerce SEO Experts simultaneously create reports on what strategy is working for a business and what is not. Since there are no cookie-cutter technique or ways, eCommerce SEO services that fit every business, there is a chance a certain strategy may not work for a certain eCommerce brand.
    This is why reports become a great tool to take note of what works and what doesn’t.
    Of course, the reports will be accessible to the clients at all times and accordingly his demands.

    Analyze & Repeat

    Once we have a report of what works best for a brand and its business model and analyze
    what not good for it, our team of experts will assess and recognize:
    Where the traffic is coming from to site?
    Is the plan working in your favor ?
    If not, then why not? what is the reason?
    A competent eCommerce SEO services provider will audit everything, analyze it and take out the best practices and apply it to gain suitable results for your future.

    Why eCommerce SEO Company is Important?

    It doesn’t matter if you are old to the eCommerce game or you just have opened a store, you need SEO to survive. The market trends have changed and instead of just a few eCommerce giants making the big money, smaller and startup brands are getting more traffic and business than their counterparts.

    This has made the e-commerce industry very competitive, which means it is much harder to attract customers. Generating traffic is important because the higher quality and frequent traffic often lead to more sales and fewer abandoned carts.

    To help you understand why you need a good eCommerce SEO Company on your side, here are some advantages that you will receive when you hire us.

    Improve Website Navigation

    Having a clean and easy-to-navigate website is very important. While your website designer will lay the foundation, your SEO team will improve the website navigation and ensure that your customers find what they need in seconds. If the customer is lost between tabs, that means lost business and you don’t want that. Something that may seem minor to your design team can be essential to your SEO success and website navigation is one of them.

    Improve Category Pages

    As the name suggests, category pages are a practical way to divide your store’s inventory and make it more manageable for you and your customers. If done right, your category pages can lure in more potential customers right from the search engine. Your eCommerce SEO expert team will create unique layouts, use them for commercial use and optimize it to make them available to your targeted audience.

    Improve Internal Linking

    Anyone who has researched even a tiny bit of SEO would know about internal linking. Simply put, an internal link creates a link between two pages on your website. This link is then used by Google and your users to navigate your website and go deeper enough to create a sale. The SEO team will create useful links between your web pages and direct your audience to more profitable products.

    Improve Speed of Your eCommerce Website

    This will be your Hail Mary pass when you are still working on your website’s SEO. Website speed is the amount of time your website takes to load completely. If it is slow, the client will leave.
    How fast does your website need to be? The recommended time is 2 seconds and anything above that will make you lose customers. Unless you have a great eCommerce SEO team.

    Handling Outdated Pages

    Nothing hurts an eCommerce website more than its outdated pages. The market and its trends change all the time, which is why there is a chance that the content you posted a year ago might not be relevant today. But you can’t just delete it.
    This is where the SEO experts come in. We will perform a content audit and carefully remove only the content that is harming your business and SEO efforts.

    Custom eCommerce SEO Services

    Every eCommerce store is different and has different requirements for SEO and digital marketing. This is the reason why SEO for Ecommerce stores is dynamic. There is no cookie-cutter approach in eCommerce SEO and there is a reason for them.

    Ecommerce stores can be of various types, different volumes, different target audiences, different targeted demographics and have a completely different business model. All of these factors are in the SEO strategy for any particular eCommerce business.

    A customized approach is the best way to generate better long-term results. We, at (company name) have a sit-down meeting with our clients to understand what they wish to achieve with our expert eCommerce SEO services and tell them what can be done.

    We will then create a strategy and a plan. Teams will be created; tasks will be dedicated and the magic will begin. Our strategy could focus on digital marketing, backlinks, internal links, and social media marketing or it could be completely different and also include a complete SEO overhaul of your store.

    There is no one solution for your business’s needs. Our teams and team leaders will remain in contact with you, they will provide weekly or monthly reports and keep you up to speed on all the progress made. A customized approach will help you identify problem areas in your website and we will help you eliminate those.

    Problem-solving and providing solutions for your specific issue will be our main priority. Our result-driven approach creates long-term results, invites new business opportunities, and offers more prospects for turning a profit. It’s as simple as that for us.

    To set up a meeting or to get a quote, contact us at ([email protected]) or call us at  1-888-244-9140) and we will get back to you. Our customer service agents will set up a meeting with our team leaders to understand the scope of your business and goals to deliver the growth you desire.

    Roadmap Of Our eCommerce SEO Agency

    EcommerceDa is a digital marketing company with 10 years of experience under our belt. With a competent team of the crème de la crème of the digital marketing world by our side, we have succeeded in satisfying our high-profile customers for years.
    We offer a plethora of services that include eCommerce SEO, Paid Search Marketing, Ecommerce Website Design, Google Ad Campaign Management, and Email Marketing. Thanks to our experience and our cohesive team of professionals, we can offer flagship services under one roof.
    Our marketing strategists and SEO experts. create a roadmap for your business that will generate the best marketing results you desire.
    Our teams work in synergy and proactively to generate leads for your store that are profitable and visible.
    The team of SEO experts at EcommerceDa will draw in the traffic by maximizing the decided marketing strategy, user experience design, and top SEO tools to convert that traffic into paying customers. With monthly reports at your desk, you can follow the success of your brand and watch as it grows exponentially.
    As a full-service digital marketing company, we understand how tough carving your niche in the eCommerce world can be.
    This is why we put our energies into creating your brand reputation. With a special focus on your brand image and reputation, we will mold our marketing strategy so that it improves your business from day one.

    Increase Your Revenue with The Help of Our eCommerce SEO Services

    eCommerce SEO is your gateway to more revenue and more profit. The whole service is designed around improving your business, making it reachable for more people, and then turning their visits into sales. The competition is very tough in the eCommerce market and a dedicated SEO team gives you an edge over your competition.
    Our team of experts has years of experience under their belt. They also have access to the tools and strategies that will allow them to create the perfect environment for your visitors to stay long enough to find what they want and leave with a purchase.

    Getting traffic to your web store is not as easy as it seems. Creating valuable backlinks, intelligent internal links, and improving the user experience of your website can make all the difference in the world for your business. Along with aiding your store with the tools to generate more revenue, eCommerce SEO will make sure you retain those customers.
    An experienced team of eCommerce SEO Experts will lay the groundwork for you to create more opportunities for customer loyalty. A good team of SEO experts can make your store a brand that people recognize and trust, bringing in more revenue and profit.







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    Real Customer Testimonials

    Fantastic Work! By an awesome team. Helped me from redesigning my Shopify store to marketing. I am loving everything they did. It is awesome experience working with them.

    I needed a website for my apparel business. They handled every thing very well. EcommerceDA has a team of real gems. It was an awesome experience working with them.

    EcommerceDA helped me to increase my store sales. These guys are professionals. Within a short span of time majority of the keywords got ranked on first page. Great work guys!

    Enterprise platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify Plus offer a ton of marketing tools, and our experts can use those tools to introduce your site to new audiences and expand your digital marketing potential.

    Enterprise platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify Plus offer a ton of marketing tools, and our experts can use those tools to introduce your site to new audiences and expand your digital marketing potential.